Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 2013 Updates

Happy New Year of 2013 to our friends and family. Here are some pictures from the past month of enjoying the Lord's blessings here in Vietnam:

Cookie packages I made for Andy's students
Introducing the white elephant gift exchange game to students
Baked some brownies for students who tasted it for the first time
A mini-foosball table for entertainment
Singing some Christmas songs after a good dinner with students
Visiting a 93-year-old lady and singing Christmas carols with her


Caleb's two friends playing with bananagram tiles their own way

Our time with students often revolves around meals since Vietnamese love to cook! And many meaningful conversations and relationships also come from these gatherings.

New year lunch made by students
Meal with students


Meal with flock

Caleb's been into taking pictures lately and has captured many interesting facts of nature. We learned about the parasitic wasp that lays eggs in the caterpillar's skin and how the larvae later hatch out of the skin and make their own cocoons, the bagworm that builds its home with wood and silk and carries it wherever it goes, and the spiny orb-web spider.

Caleb discovered this caterpillar infested with parasitic wasp larvae (did not know until we googled)
Our housemate


Caleb's obsession of spider webs
Caleb's pet spider enjoying his meal
Caleb's new pet bagworm
Caleb's been trying to feed him each day