Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer update

Summer is going by fast for us! We've been seeing family and friends these days and have gotten our doctor's appointments out of the way. And Caleb has met up with a number of his old buddies already. Andy is enjoying his time to catch up on some reading, besides staying connected with his students and getting his presentation done.

I've pretty much done most of my shopping for the coming year, including homeschooling books for Caleb who will be in 2nd grade and our medicines. Oh how I am grateful for the chewables. No more extra weight and spills in the suitcases!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Never thought this would happen, ...

but it is. The invitation happened at least as early as last September, but we've just found out about it this week, and I've just done some reading on what others are thinking about it, trying to find out how they are reacting to it. Living and working in VN, we've been out of the loop on these matters, good or bad. I don't know yet what to feel about this, but I can say that I was surprised. There must be a lesson for me to learn somewhere in all this, and I hope to find out what it is.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beijing Trip

Caleb was blessed with a trip to Beijing with grandpa and grandma last month while we visited them in Hong Kong. We joined a 5-day tour and got to climb the Great Wall. Caleb was excited to see in person what he had learned in history this past year. While my dad stayed at the bottom tower, my mom made it up to the first tower, and Caleb and I almost finished one section with him having to push me up those final few steps. Here are some of the pictures we took on the trip.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back in California

We are back in sunny California! Still suffering from jetlag. At 4am you are bound to find at least one of us walking around the house. And both Caleb and I already caught a cold. Haven't driven yet myself but Andy's been. Just like last year, I believe it is one of those skills that just comes back. And Caleb has already made a lot of comments such as "How come there's nobody walking in the streets?" and I find myself forgetting how to stand in line!