Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Personal space is pretty much a nonexistent concept in this country from standing in line at the supermarket to building houses! Here is a picture taken from our balcony of some guys securing a large blue tarp to two neighboring houses in order to give shelter to the construction workers who are building supposedly another house in the empty lot in between... Surprises abound where we live, so we learn to depend not on our changing environment but on the One who changeth not!


Water Tank

We came back to Dalat at the end of summer only to find out the landlord did not install any water tank and the water pressure had only gotten worse. We continued to experience interrupted showers. Finally we got a handy man recommended by a brother and installed a water tank and pump for a good price. The handy man told us our area is notorious for water pressure problems and most every house has a water tank and/or pump. Here is a picture of the nice blue plastic water tank we got which is half the price of the more popular metal ones that are mounted on roof tops. This plastic one rests in our front porch and a water pump is used next to it to get the water up the pipes. We've been enjoying uninterrupted showers for a couple weeks now. We don't know how long this system would last, as is with any thing in Vietnam, but bless the Lord O my soul, and forget not all His benefits!!